i35: Mark Tilbrook Interview by Anthony Barlow
November 5, 2008, 12:25 pm
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[By Anthony]

Ok, on the exhibition side of things i35 was a bit hit and miss. That dosen’t mean nothing good came out of it, in fact there’s tons of great stuff. Not all of it content specific but good nontheless. I caught up with Multiplay’s, Online Editor and go to guy for all things press related, Mark Tilbrook to talk about Multiplay’s events, i36 and, well, games. Hit the jump for the interview.

Anthony: Do you think events like i35 and M Festival will help the UK gaming scene become as prominent as it in in the U.S. ?

Mark: The i-series has been fairly fundemental in the explosion of the E-Sports scene in the UK really and we’ve been the biggest platform for E-Sports for a few years now, especially like the World Cyber Games that we’ve had come to our events. Will it be as big as it is in America? I’m not sure, it all depends on weather the public here are as interested in games as the Americans are. It’s not a question of what we’re doing to make that happen, it’s a question of are the public ready. I think that more people are becoming interested in gaming, you see a lot more casual gamers coming, you see a lot more families coming to M Festival and I think in the next few years we might see the events growing in scale to those you might see in America. That said, some of the biggest events are in Europe, Dreamhack in Sweeden is the biggest.

Anthony: How much planning goes into an event like this?

Mark: Lots. We started planning for i36, which is in April next year, a month ago. It’s usually about eight to nine months in advance. In fact we just launched the i36 page today.

Anthony: What was the reception like to M Festival? Am I right in saying it was the biggest you’ve done?

Mark: Yeah, M Festival was the biggest we’ve done, the biggest in the UK in fact. The reception was great, we couldn’t have asked for more. Thousands of people came through the doors over that weekend.

Anthony: Do you think theres a favourite game within the community here today?

Mark: Yeah, there’s COD4 and Counter Strike Source. There the two big games here. Counter Strike Source makes up about half of the event. COD4 maybe a little bit less than that, but still a substantial ammount.

Anthony: Have you played anything on the floor yourself?

Mark: (laughs). Some of the staff get shifts, so they’ll play in their free time, but no i’ve got no free time.

Anthony: What’re you playing at the moment?

Mark: Well, i’m a bit of a Warcraft player unfortunately, but i’m looking forward to Left 4 Dead, that’s pretty good. I’m looking forward to, Dead Space, i’ve just bought Red Alert 3. I’m a bit of an all rounder. Not too much into sports games but, pretty much anything else i’ll play.

Anthony: Are you playing anything on consoles?

Mark: Yep, I play Super Smash Brothers on Wii a lot. I’m a bit addicted to that, I’m afraid.

Anthony: Is there anything you want to tell the readers to encourage them to visit these events?

Mark: Yeah, give it a try. People do get a negative image of gaming and these events are not what they think. At i36 next April, well, M Festival Spring is going to be bigger. We’re going to make it fun for all the family as well as gamers, like M Festival was and at the minute there’s 20% off i36 if you payby the end of next month or if your within the first one thousand people.

Anthony: Finally, is there anything you can say about i36, particularly about the exhibition?

Mark: The details are coming in, but we don’t like to release it until we’re sure and everything’s confirmed. There’s going to at least be two thousand people

Sounds good. I’d like to thank Mark and everyone at Multiplay for giving us a chance to prove ourselves. I don’t know where XeNonX would be without the backing of people like that. No mention of the PS3 in there though Mark, it’s blasphemy I tells ya 🙂 .


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