BioShock Challenge Rooms Priced, Dated by Anthony Barlow
November 4, 2008, 10:21 am
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[By Anthony]

The first piece of BioShock ‘exclusive’ downloadable content is coming to the PS Store on November 20th. 2K’s erie underwater shooter BioShock recently got released on Sony’s console to much acclaim. This DLC was announced shortly before the game was announced and, although they could have included these on the disc, I think it’s great 2K want to support the PS3 with these ‘rooms’. Hit the jump for the details.

The first pack of downloadable rooms will be released on November 20th, in the U.S., for $9.99. I assume the UK release date will be around the same time (if not before). The three rooms are.

  • Shocking Turn Of Events
  • The I In Team
  • Worlds Of Hurt

The first two rooms have you using a limited set of tools to rescue a little sister. However, ‘Worlds Of Hurt’ us a little (read: a lot) harder. This room throws everything Rapture has to offer at the player (hence the name).

This DLC also includes a new set of trophies, which is nice. I am yet to pick up the game but, I will definitely be picking it up in the coming months. PS3 Fanboy have a full description of each of the rooms here.


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Hey mate, check out HUKD’s. Tears Of The Sun for £7.99 in store at Toys R Us. Great demo material and a good film, especially as it stars Monica Bellucci. 😉

Comment by Ad's

@Ad’s, You said Bellucci is that John Bellucci’s daughter?

Comment by killquick

@killquick Nope, Monica Bellucci is a stunning Italian actress that has been in films such as Malena 😉 Irréversible, the last two Matrix films and more recently Shoot em up.


Hey Anthony get on Skype, worried about our R2 orders. They still haven’t been dispatched and they have actually removed it from the site and my order history. BTW ordered my Christmas present tonight, getting some new speakers for my Onkyo. Can’t wait to rewatch some of my Bd’s in 7.1, may even buy Uncharted (again) to see how that sounds. 🙂

My emails aren’t working so had to post the above on here, your not on Skype or PSN.

Comment by Ad's

@killquick I think you’ll find John Bellucci is actually spelt Belushi :).
@ Ad’s that’s a bit crappy, but we still get it early, which is good. More time with LBP too :).

Comment by Anthony Barlow

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