Battlefield: Bad Company Update Is Live by Steve
October 30, 2008, 1:01 pm
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[By Steve]

The update for the DICE developed Battlefield:Bad Company has gone live today, adding four new maps, Acta Non Verba, Crossing Over, Ghost Town and Par For The Course.  Weighing in at 269mb the update also adds trophy support for the PS3 version, also refreshingly the online trophies ARE retroactive, I’ll say that again, the online trophies are retroactive.  So just start up the multiplayer section of the game and sit back and watch those trophies roll in.  List of additional gameplay changes after the jump

· Increased Ticket count for all Conquest maps to make for longer rounds
· Find custom match on Conquest was fixed
· Knife melee no longer instantly kills friendly’s and will take two swipes
· Bullets and knives now go through undergrowth and trees leafs
· Shotgun damage in distance reduced, but is still just as powerful in closer range
· Savior Trophy requirements tweaked, awarded when you kill an enemy that attack a teammate and damaged them by 20% or more
· Drawing weapon time after sprinting is reduced to SP times to improve pace of action
· AA guns have less deviation and more damage to improve balance vs Gunships

-Lowered hand weapons damage against Gunships, but .50 Cal weapons on Vehicles retain their damage against the Gunships.
-Increased missile speeds for the pilot
-Gunner MG’s time to overheat increased with splash damage reduced
-Gunships wont explode when touching one trees and now have a damage multiplier based on the speed of the Gunship. This means if you are flying very slow you can knock over trees and take Zero damage, but if you’re at top speed 4-5 trees will destroy your Gunship.


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