Review: NovaStrike (PS3 Via PSN) by Anthony Barlow
October 29, 2008, 12:36 am
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[By Anthony]

Ah indie games, how we love them. Some can be gems and some can be, well, less than gems. Thankfully, Tiki Games latest game, NovaStrike is more of a gem than it is a flop. Like all games it has it’s good points and bad but believe me, at just over £6 you won’t do much better. Hit the jump for the rest.NovaStrike is another of the small shooters that are so popular on the PS Store but unlike them it is not of the twin stick subgenre. Instead Tiki Games have chosen to use the more traditional crosshair style of aiming that, although it might sound more effective in theory, in practice it has a large learning curve and is not as effective as the twin stick aiming type seen in Super Stardust HD and Everyday Shooter.

Despite this learning curve the game is fun. Missions are split up into objectives which usually involve blowing stuff up and/or defending buildings. This might sound simple, but believe me it’s effective the game gives players a large ammount of weapons which can be used to aid your quest for success and defeat the Draelus.

You’re not alone in your quest. Your more than competent A.I. partners are there to help, which is a nice change from the lone ranger based space shooters that’ve become the norm in the past few years. Although you’ve got your helpers they can often get in the way and make firefights increasingly chaotic and will often lead you to shoot at them before the enemy.

Each level is open and has you flying to various points of the compass in search of your next objective. This can get quite tedious, especially when being shot at by a number of enemies. Despite their chaotic and unstructured nature the game does deliver on the action side of things, if not a little too much.

My main girpe with the game is the movement of the ship. Often it feels clumsy and unresponsive and because your little ship is constantly moving forwards it makes it even harder to control where and what you’re shooting. Making long play sessions a bit annoying. Then again these sort of games are not meant to be beaten all at once, like many of the games on the PS Store they take time and are ultimately good experiences.

Graphically the game does little to impress your ship and enemies are so small on a large map it’s often hard to distinguish one from the other, this of course dosen’t help when it comes to shooting either. If I were to offer some advice to Tiki I would suggest that they should make the game a twin stick shooter and make the ships larger. I think this would help combat many of the issues I faced when reviewing the game.

All in all the game is good, but I can’t help but feel that it could have been something better. The crosshair aiming style makes the game unique but ultimately fails in the accuracy department leaving players frustrated. Despite it’s flaws I definitely recomend the game, it’s fun and frantic and great for just over £6. A nice break from some of the more hardcore titles releasing over the winter perioid.I definitely want to see what Tiki can do with their next game because if they take some of the criticisms on board i’m sure their next creation will be up there with the likes of PixelJunk and SSHD



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