Credit Crunch Gaming – Gaming On The Cheap This Winter by Anthony Barlow
October 29, 2008, 4:55 am
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[By Anthony]

The winter perioid, especially in 2008, is one of the best times to be a gamer, but with the collapse of the global economy many gamers will need to tighten their belts. We realise that gamers still need their games and XeNonX is here to help. Over the past few days I have compiled a list of the best ways to game on a budget and beat the crunch this winter.

  • Pre-Owned Games/Trading In – It might seem like the most obvious option, but it needs mentioning nontheless. If you want the latest releases at a slightly discounted price then the way to go is pre-owned games. Pretty much everywhere sells pre-owned/pre-played games now and it’s one of the most simple ways for us gamers to save a bit of cash. This can work the other way around too, you can trade your older games in for cash or credit at your local games shop to help pay for those vital purchases, don’t expect more than £10 for an older game though. Shops like GameStation (UK) usually have an offer on each week letting customers trade in a certain game to get a new game for a lot cheaper. If you don’t want to take this route there’s always eBay.
  • Rental – There are many shops/websites that offer now offer a games rental service. Places like Blockbuster have offered games rental for a while now, but their prices are a little high, If you want value for money sites like LoveFilm offer a cheaper alternative at around £10-15 a month. A lot of places offer a free trial too, which is always nice.
  • Shopping Around – Are your regular high street stores a little pricey? They always are. There’s a lot of websites out there offering much cheaper alternatives than buying from regular shops. ShopTo.net is a great example, a lot of their games are cheaper than anywhere else on the internet and they’re constantly giving away voucher codes for you to save that little bit extra. Another good place to check is HotUKDeals, the guys on there always keep their eyes peeled for a good deal.
  • The PlayStation Store – The PlayStation Store has some really great, cheap games and there’s tons of things that’ll keep you going throughout the winter. Make sure to check reviews, but more often than not your gonna get something pretty sweet and a lot of bang for your buck. I personally recomend PixelJunk Monsters & Eden.
  • Longer Lasting Games! – Another obvious choice here. If you can only afford a few games this winter then make sure they’re longer ones. Games like Fallout 3, Grand Theft Auto 4, FIFA 09 and Saints Row 2 are all pretty long lasting. I’d recomend GTA and Fallout if you want a seriously long campain, FIFA if you want a ton of replayablility and Saints Row 2 if you want some co-op mayhem. These games should keep you going if your in need of some cash. LittleBigPlanet is another one of these games that’ll last you a long time, especially with the sheer ammount of content available via the community.

So there you have it. If you’re a gamer on a budget then the steps above should help beat any games/cash drought you might be having, I hope it helps. Feel free to comment and add your own suggestions below.

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Good tips, shame the dollar has fallen to about 1.5 to the pound. Makes importing a little dearer than it was a few months ago.

Even so Canada’s VG+ still seem to be reasonable for imports. Same price as Shopto and will get it a good 3 weeks early.

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