Hands-On with Call Of Duty: World At War by Ryan Gray
October 20, 2008, 12:30 am
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Call of Duty is back to its World War II roots. But how has it changed to keep the franchise fresh?

Call of Duty is back to its World War II roots. But how has it changed to keep the franchise fresh?

[By Ryan]

Call Of Duty: World At War is the newest game in the Call Of Duty series. I’m not going to be a moron and call it “Call Of Duty 5” like most people would, cause guess what, it’s not the fifth. SURPRISE! (Anyone remember Big Red One?) Anyway, the Call Of Duty series has gone back to it’s World War II roots. I’ve had a pretty extensive hands on with the online mode, and color me impressed. But is it Call Of Duty 4 with a new paint job, or does World At War hold it’s own in the series? Hit the jump for my answer, and my experience with the game thus far.

The answer to that question is both. Yes, both. I’m not saying this is a carbon copy of COD 4 by any means, but apparently they have chose to stick with the same exact online format as Call Of Duty 4. This is not a bad thing by any stretch, it’s this formula that helped COD 4 bring in various awards last year. But the World War II formula has brought in various changes that made the online format different in many ways, but that doesn’t mean many of the same concepts from COD 4 haven’t made their way into World At War.

First of all, when playing online, you’ll notice that most of the same game modes as the last game have made it to World At War. You’re getting Team Deathmatch, Pick up Team Deatchmatch (no parties aloud), Free-For-All and Search and Destroy. Then there are “Hardcore” variations of Team Deathmatch and Search and Destroy. Theres also Capture The Flag, one of my favorites, which is similar to domination from COD 4. Also, the same leveling, perks and customization of classes have returned, and are welcome with open arms. The customization is just as deep as ever if not deeper if you count a 4th perk which effects your vehicles. There are 3 maps in the build I have played. Castle, Roundhouse, and Makin. Other than it being a World War II presentation, it’s plays and feels exactly like the previous entry into the Call Of Duty series.

Time to get sauer on some krauts.

Time to get sauer on some krauts.

When I first heard that Call Of Duty would be going back to World War II, I will admit, I was pissed off. I wondered why after the success of a modern game they would go back. I’ve taken it back, the World War II style works better than it ever has. Every gun, every piece of equipment, even bonuses after getting certain kill streaks are authentic to World War II. The kill streak bonuses have been tweaked and work relatively similar to COD 4. 3 kills will get you recon, which will reveal enemies on the map. 5 kills will get you artillary which is basically what airstrike did. 7 kills, you’re going to get to call in the dogs. Now I’m a little concerned with this choice. The helicopter from COD 4 worked very, VERY effectively in taking out enemies. The dogs just charge enemies and attempt to take them down. Helicopters took missiles to take it down. A few bullets can take down a dog. Yea, there’s a lot of em’, but they just aren’t as deadly as the helicopter. I understand they had to stay true to the WWII theme, but maybe some kamikazes if you play as Japan? Bring in a highly armed and armored tank? Just suggestions, but hey, watching your foes get chomped by a dog is all the more hilarious.

The three maps I had the chance to play were also very good. Castle, Makin, and Roundhouse. Castle is what you’d think. It looks like a castle. There’s high point with windows for strategic sniping, close quarters, overall a good map. Roundhouse looks like a massive amount of war has occured. Everything is blown up, half gone, and overall has somewhat of a Post-apocalyptic feel to it, which is cool. My favorite is Makin. Makin is set in Japan, at night. There are huts strung together by rope bridges, and also a lot of swampy water to creep around in. It has a lot of nice environmental effects and strategy to the darkness of the map. It overall gets pretty hectic and you’ll enjoy it. A lot.

The game controls EXACTLY like Call of Duty 4. Let me say that again. EXACTLY. You will feel no “getting used to” period when you switch from COD 4 to COD: WAW. Other than guns fire rates being different, every aspect of the last game is here once more. Although now, you can control tanks. The tanks control like, well, a tank. Not very nimble, but one shot will take out an enemy or even a group of enemies. Very fun to use and add a new aspect of strategy to the game.

Gotta let it burn.

Gotta let it burn.

Graphically, the game looks pretty much as good as Call Of Duty 4. Once again, this isn’t a bad thing, Call Of Duty 4 was one of the best looking games of last year, and Call Of Duty World At War is still a great looking game. The water looks especially good as it is a main feature in some of the levels. I wish I could’ve used the flamethrower, but I’m going to have to wait for that. The audio is also on par with COD 4. Guns sound great, a few decent one liners when calling in dogs or calling for recon, and explosions sounds like they should. Explosive.

Overall Call Of Duty: World At War is exceeding my expectations so far. If the story is as good or better than Call of Duty 4, we may just have ourselves another classic.


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Nice preview Ryan. I had my concerns about this but if you say it plays like COD 4, then it can’t be bad.

Comment by Anthony Barlow

Great Review. Rocky totally agrees with your review!

Comment by V Rovero

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