Ubisoft Gives Far Cry 2 A Room In Home by Anthony Barlow
October 16, 2008, 11:12 pm
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[By Anthony]

Home beta testers will now be able to sample some more new content in Home today. Ubisoft have added a new room to Sony’s virtual space for their upcoming FPS/sandbox game Far Cry 2.For details on the new game space hit the jump.

The space includes mock up’s of levels in the game and allows players to explore them. Within these levels players will be able to view maps and learn more about the backstory to the game from various images and text pieces. Ubisoft have also been kind enough to include a multiplayer minigame for players and thier virtual mates, but we have no details on what this entails as of yet. The post on the PS Blog also says that the team will continue to update the space with new conent, which is kinda cool. How frequent these updates are is another question entirely.

I really like the fact that third party developers are getting behind Home. It’s gonna be great when us non-beta testers can get our hands on it and run around these various game spaces. It’ll be great to see Home populated with all these little (or not so) themed rooms.

Home is still awaiting it’s release, which we’ve been promised is still sometime this year. When that is nobody but Sony knows.

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