Impressions: Tom Clancy’s EndWar by Ryan Gray
October 16, 2008, 1:24 am
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[By Ryan]

Tom Clancy’s EndWar is the new title in the Tom Clancy universe developed by who other than Ubisoft. But, this isn’t the tactical shooter you’d expect out of the Tom Clancy games. This is an RTS (Real Time Strategy) game, and just from playing the demo, I think Ubisoft have put a foot in the right direction when it comes to making console RTS’. Everyone thought that the typical RTS could not be played without mouse and keyboard. Ubisoft proves em’ wrong. Hit the jump for my impressions on it.

When I started up the demo, I was greeted by typical Tom Clancy style presentation. Everything is realistic, has a very militaristic look to it, and over all very accessible. You can either play a skirmish, play the first level of the demo, or try your luck online. I started with the story hoping there would be some type of a tutorial. Luckily, there was. You first have to calibrate your voice to the game (I’ll express how I feel about this later in the article). Then, it’s off to the field of battle. You control various types of weaponry (Tanks, Helicopters, Riflemen, etc.) in order to conquer the enemy, and god does it work and feel great. Everything is responsive, and is executed to a tee. One part of the gameplay really made this game it’s own beast in the RTS world.

The RTS that listens. And has some awesome moments of carnage.

The RTS that listens. And has some awesome moments of carnage.

That part is the voice recognition. I was absolutely astonished by the accuracy of this aspect of the game, and the whole experience would really be lost without it. Whether I was saying “Unit 4 move to Yankee” or “Unit 1 attack Hostile”, everything just worked flawlessly. The game did exactly what I wanted and really made me feel like I was controlling an army. This is what made the game really stand out. Everything else is, well, what you’d expect from Ubisoft and the Tom Clancy games.

Graphically, the game looks good. Not great, not bad, just good. It looks as good as it needs to as not to detract from the experience, but it’s nothing that will make you gasp in amazement. The cut scene(s) that were seen were pretty much what Tom Clancy is known for. Everything is meant to be realistic, and that’s fine as long as it is executed well. We can expect the story to be on par with other games in the Tom Clancy family. The sound is also, very “Tom Clancy”. Great score during gameplay, good visuals, a very well executed gameplay (with voice recognition) and hope fully a good story will make this worth while.

Overall, I’m impressed with what Ubisoft has done. This shows that the RTS is no longer limited to the PC. If you need a good RTS and don’t play PC, then I’m giving out the Ryan Gray seal of approval to at the least download the demo. If you like it as much as I did, pick it up.

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