Impressions: Madagascar 2- Escape 2 Africa by Ryan Gray
October 15, 2008, 1:35 am
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They're trying to hypnotize you into buying the game! Don't look!

They're trying to hypnotize you into buying the game! Don't look!

[By Ryan]

Hey, somebody had to do it. Madagascar 2: Escape 2 Africa is the second installment of the Madagascar games for console. Why they decided to make a second, I have no idea. Anyway, If you want to know why this game is going to suck, hit the jump for my impressions on 10 minutes of pure gaming hell.

Some of you may think I should go a little easy on this game due to it being directed towards the younger audience. Put it this way: If I was a kid and popped this in my Playstation 3, I would instantly throw it, cover it with play-doh, or whatever kids do. This game has just so little that it has done right (basically nothing) and just way too much that it does wrong.

You start off the demo playing as Alex, the lion/main character of the movie. You run for roughly 20 yards, then you pick up a camera. You can tell this game is going to be top of the line already can’t you? Anyway, after you get the camera, you are faced with the “challenge” of taking pictures of various animals within a 50 square yard radius. After this is completed, you play as the penguins. While playing as the penguins, you drive a jeep and have to ram supply trucks to get the supplies off of them. Once you wash, rinse, repeat roughly 30-40 times, the demo abruptly ends.

Heres where I address the problems Madagascar 2 has. First of all, the controls are just not executed well. Everything just feels odd and unnatural. While playing as Alex, the running just felt kind of awkward. While playing as the penguins, the driving just does not control correctly at all. I had moments where I was making turns on a dime, and other moments where the vehicle just wouldn’t turn at all for a few seconds. It’s just dumb things like this that ruin the experience of a game that could have been actually great for the younger crowd, such as Kung-Fu Panda was.


This thing wasn't available to play in the demo, but I can't see it controlling better than anything else in the game.

Secondly, the graphics just look like garbage compared to what the Playstation 3 is capable of. I don’t care if it is on the Xbox 360 too, we all know the 360 is extremely capable of pumping out some jaw-dropping graphics. This just degrades both systems in every way. First of all, the game tries to add a “depth of field” effect that makes everything 30 feet in front of you blurry. This completely backfires, the game just looks even worse. It looks like a mediocre Playstation 2 game in HD. One of the games few if not only strength is the sound. The voice acting is actually decent. All of the the main actors from the movie (Ben Stiller, Chris Rock, Jada-Pinkett Smith and David Schwimmer) play there parts here. Does it make the game worth checking out? Absolutely not. It just makes a lame experience a little more bearable.

Overall, this game just isn’t going to be good. It doesn’t control well, it looks pretty bad, and it just overall is ridiculously easy. Even toddlers would find this too simple. If you need to buy a game for a young gamer, buy Kung-Fu Panda. If not, then please, I beg you, save your money for games like Fallout 3 and LittleBig Planet. Hell, buy toilet paper. You’ll get more use out of it than this.


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Don’t you think you were a little harsh there Ryan? Well…maybe not. Nice preview though :).

Comment by Anthony Barlow

Honestly, I tried not to be, but it just isnt good.

Comment by Ryan Gray

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