What Games Do You Game? (11.10.08) by Anthony Barlow
October 11, 2008, 5:04 pm
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[By Anthony]

WGDYG? has been missing for the past couple of weeks but now it’s back! Due to time contraints i’ve not been able to post it but it’s here this week with just me. There’s three weeks worth of games for me to write about, so I better crack on. Hit the jump for the list.

  • FIFA 09 (PS3) – Another great football game from EA. The manager mode is terribly addictive and the ammount of online modes available gives you some great replayability. I can’t stop playing the game, it’s so damn addictive. Forget PES, buy this. Konami, you’ve lost your touch.
  • Rock Band (PS3) -After not playing this for a while I was a little rusty, but as ever, it’s still awesome. I’ve not picked up Rock Band 2 yet, but am looking forward to getting it when I get some money (damn you October!). You can’t beat ‘Bad To The Bone’, that track is awesom
  • GEON (PS3 Via PSN) – I was playing this for review at first and it turns out (as I said in my review) that the game is awesome. It’s got that same type of frustrating addictiveness that Super Stardust HD has. It’s truly addictive and is something everyone should pick up if they want something cool (and cheap) to play.
  • Linger In Shadows (PS3 Via PSN) – It’s not technically a game, but it’s got trophies and has some kind of gameplay stuff in there so I guess I gamed it. It’s seven minutes long so there’s not much to do but it is cool looking, in a weird way. If you’ve got a spare £2 (or $3) and want some easy trophies the you should pick this up.

Not gamed a lot over the past two weeks as FIFA has taken over my gaming life. There’s a ton of stuff coming out over the next few weeks so i’m sure there’ll be more stuff on the lists in the near future.


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