Review: GEON (PS3 Via PSN) by Anthony Barlow
October 8, 2008, 8:07 pm
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[By Anthony]

You might have had to wait a week for it, but my verdict on Strawdog Studios’ PSN port of XBLA game GEON: Emotions has arrived (wait for applause). The guys at Strawdog seem to have listened to the community and critics and have come up with something that’s not just a port, which is always nice to see on PSN. Hit the jump for the review.

For those who don’t know GEON is a port of the XBLA game GEON: Emotions. Think of a cross between the PSP game Cube and Pac-Man and you’ve pretty much got the idea. You chooose one of eight powerballs, each with their own abilities and take on opponents (or the clock) in a series of battles, challenges and minigames. It might sound simple, but I can assure you, it does have a tactical side to it.

Like many of the games featured on the PlayStation Store, GEON is a rather small, fun game designed for players to, well, pick up and play. This is exactly what the game does right. The pick up and play nature perfectly suits this game and is one of it’s best qualities and once you pick it up, quite honestly it’s hard to put down and like SSHD and the PixelJunk games It has that mix of fun and frustration that keeps you coming back for more.

The game has an array of game modes fit to please everyone. It’s got the League option, which allows players to pit themselves against AI controlled opponents and defeat them to go win each of the championships in four different divisions.

The game also gives players the option to have exibition style, one off matches against the computer if they don’t want serious competition or want to hone their skills. For the speed freaks out there there is a time attack mode which allows the player to pit themselves against the clock in order to win either gold,silver or bronze medals. Of course, no game like this would be complete without minigames, once again pitting the player against the clock and the map in order to win, choosing the correct powerball is key here.

The game also allows players to play with friends in either online or local multiplayer matches. Here the duel mode returns, this time allowing players to compete against oneanother for the biggest prize of all, bragging rights. There is also the ‘Team Geon’ mode which puts players into teams of three and has them compete in a team duel, teamwork is nessecary here but by far this is the most enjoyable multiplayer mode. Cooperative play always is though, right? Last, but by no means least, we’ve got ‘Last Man Standing’ mode which is pretty self explanatory surely.

Visually the game looks really nice. Environments are bright and because of the simple nature of the game everything about it looks great. It is lacking on the gameplay side of things, the cube is easy to control, but you might often be frustrated at the lack movement options, especially when evading attacks.

I was speaking to those who have played both versions of the game and they have said that the attack system has been greatly improved over the XBLA original. Strawdog have added a meter which descreases after your attack making for a better, more competetive match.

Overall I think GEON is a great game and deserves to be in your game collection. The gameplay is great, the visuals look really nice and the game has tons of replay value, especially to those who like to beat their scores and times.



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