All SOE’s MMO’s coming to consoles by Anthony Barlow

[By Anthony]

Sony Online Entertainment have announced that all of their MMO’s from this point on are coming to the PS3 as well as PC. SOE president John Smedley spoke to MTV Multiplayer after the New York Games Conference and wanted to stress that the console versions of SOE developed MMO’s like The Agency and DC Universe Online will appear on PS3 at the same time as their PC counterparts. Another interesting tidbit from the interview was that Smedley said that Sony could adopt a free to play model for their MMO’s, saying:

Getting a console player to pay for a subscription, I think that’s an interesting question. I think it’s about making a great game, but we also believe that there’s a chance, maybe [the games] won’t be subscription-based. Maybe the free-to-play model is the right one to use there, too. We don’t know yet. We’re going to find out with “Free Realms,” and adapt as we see things go.

I certainly hope this turns out well for the consumer. Personally I wouldn’t mind paying a subscription if the game was good, obviously the free to play model works out better for everyone. The games aren’t out yet, and look like they’ll be a way off yet, here’s hopeful.

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I’m looking forward to both these games – especially the Agency – but they should really understand that subscriptions means a substantial decrease in consumers – including me.

Comment by Giancarlo Feltrin

Yeah same here Giancarlo, I’m also looking forward to the Agency, and I too wouldn’t pay to play it. It’s like PSN if that went like Live and had a fee I wouldn’t pay. Not beacuse I’m tight either, might I add. 😉

Comment by Ad's

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