What Games Do You Game (18.09.08) by Anthony Barlow
September 28, 2008, 1:49 pm
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[By Anthony]

Sorry it’s late and I guaranteed it wouldn’t be but i’ve been very busy sorting out a new feature (still) and hiring our latest editor. I’m doing WGDYG? Han style (Solo) this week so there won’t be much to talk about, nevertheless i’ll crack on so you can see what i’ve been gaming this week.

  • Burnout: Paradise (PS3) – Never has a game had so much of a renaissance like Burnout: Paradise. Criterion have really outdone themselves with the ammount of free downloadable content they’ve implemented into the game and the latest two patches (Bikes & Trophies) would really make it hard for any racing fan not to pick this up or play it again. I have been playing it since the first patch went live two weeks ago and the addition of trophies only sweetens the deal. The game is amazingly fun online and still holds up in all departments nearly nine months after it’s release. I hate racing games (Ferrari Challenge especially) but the Burnout series is different, it does everything right and never fails to impress.
  • WipEout HD (PS3 Via PSN) – Having never played a WipEout game before I went into this one a little apprehensive, this soon changed when I got into my first race and started racking up the trophies. The game felt clunky and was extremely annoying in the first few races and then I realised I had the pilot assist on (d’oh). Without the assists the game is a solid racing game and is something gamers will come back to time and time again. At with it’s extremely low price (£11.99/$19.99) I can’t see why anyone wouldn’t buy it.
  • LittleBigPlanet Beta (PS3 Via PSN) – Last but by no means least it’s LBP. Having played the game a little before getting into the beta I knew what to expect and still the game was (and still is) awesome. The ‘story’ levels are really cool and the ammount of stuff available in there is immense. I definitely reccomend cooperative play because it’s a ton of fun, and although you can have four people playing at once i’d recomend only using two players as the screen can get a little cluttered with Sackpeople flying every which way but loose. I have tried out the creator and having played through the tutorials (and listened to the sultry tones of Stephen Fry) I finally created my first level. LittleBigFooty is a really simple level which involves you pushing a football down a pitch, putting it in the net and going down a slope to collect your points. It’s a shame they won’t work in the final version of the game, but i’m sure I can make it again.

So that’s it for this week’s ‘What Games Do You Game?’. I promise that the update will be up on Friday next week even if it’s just me again. Remember, please feel free to add your lists in the comments box below.

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The great thing about LBP is were playing an old build. The final retail version will be much improved and contain new features.

Comment by Ad's

More features will improve on an already amazing game. It’s going to be hard choosing GOTY this year.

Comment by Anthony (Editor In Chief)

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