Killzone 2 Beta Keys Being Sent Out By Email In Europe by Anthony Barlow
September 26, 2008, 3:43 pm
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[By Anthony]

What?! People check your emails Sony have apparently sent out beta keys to one of my most anticipated games for the PS3. It looks like the Killzone 2 beta is going to kick off any time now. I hope I get one of those emails, I want to play Killzone so much.

More news when we get it, come on Eurogamer get those keys!


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As your reading this comment you must be on the brink of blowing your load as this must be the first comment you’ve had from a non-editor.

You should maybe try and get your facts straight before posting an article. The Killzone 2 beta is a closed beta meaning its a real beta unlike the demos that have been impersonating themselves as betas like LBP and SOCOM. Closed Beta means that it isn’t open to members of the public so Eurogamer won’t be getting codes for this not at least until the open beta arrives.

So maybe you should go back to this mediocre blog and leave the proper beta testing to the people who Sony actually gives two shits about.

Comment by A Sony Beta Tester

Well aren’t you all uppity about something? If you must know this blog is registered with SCEE so Sony obviously gives “two shits” now dosen’t it. Have you downloaded the LBP Beta as that’s what Media Molecule have decided to call it as have Slant 6 with SOCOM. So if they don’t know what a beta is then they’re in the wrong business really aren’t they. The Eurogamer thing was a joke, a slight mention to the fact they’ve been supplying beta codes, I know the beta is a closed one!
You think this is a “mediocre blog” do you? Do you have a blog that’s been running for almost 8 months and has over 60,000 hits? No! To be honest this is a bit of a passion project and i’m not out for cash.
as ‘a Sony beta tester’ you think Sony gives to shits about you? I think not.
Leave your sad unwanted drivel to yourself you lilliputian waste of space. (You didn’t know what that meant did you? Oh well)

Comment by Anthony (Editor In Chief)

lol someone either got out the wrong side of bed this morning or has been to the beach and got sand in their crack. Guess you must have somehow upset this eijet mate.

Did you receive my card btw?

Comment by Ad's

What card?

Comment by Anthony (Editor In Chief)

My greeting card, it reads “Congratulation On Your 1st Comment From A Non-Editor”. It’s musical and everything. I know how much you have been waiting for that 1st one. ๐Ÿ˜‰ He must be a SIMON or a disgruntled Funk Soul Legend.

Comment by Ad's

Sweet hope I get that card in the post tomorrow, can’t wait! :). Your right what’s this guys problem? I hate it when people post such crap. Personally i’m proud of what XeNonX has achieved in the short time it’s been running. The guy should’ve checked the posts on Insomniac and Rare and the FIFA stuff. Real people comment there.

Comment by Anthony (Editor In Chief)

I agree it must be that sick German geezer.

Comment by Obama

As has been proven in Nottingham recently there are a lot of sad, bitter and resentful people on the internet these days.

Comment by Dazza

Well said Dazza. There are a lot of sad, bitter and resentful people on the internet good thing most of them come from manchester so I don’t have to associate myself with that scum.

Comment by A Sony Beta Tester

Unfortunately “Sony Beta Tester” I meant you! Have you nothing better to do than to grief someones blog? Grow up for christ’s sake and get a life. Easy to hide behind the mask of the internet and hurl your immature comments isn’t it?

Would you be so rude to people in the street or to your parents? I seriously doubt it.

Comment by Dazza

Anthony why don’t you just add Sony Beta Tester to the block list? It’s clear he has some issues, either with you or personal ones.

I can’t see your readers being interested in any of his future comments.

Comment by Ad's

I would do but then i’d have no commenters ๐Ÿ™‚ . Yeah i’ll see what I can do

Comment by Anthony (Editor In Chief)

This site is awesome, I don’t know what ‘SBT’ is on about. I think we could all see the Eurogamer thing was a joke, just like him.

Comment by CFC-Fan

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