LBP Beta Codes @ Eurogamer by Anthony Barlow
September 23, 2008, 7:30 pm
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[By Anthony]

Eurogamer are giving away LittleBigPlanet beta codes today! The European games site, which also gave away codes for SOCM, had 5800 to give away so everyone should have a chance to get one. I got mine about 20 minutes ago and i’ve been trying since I found out at six.

Sorry I didn’t post earlier but my PC has been suffering terrible slowdown just trying to get into Eurogamer. There’s still a chance that you could grab a code so hurry go now.

Myself and Ad’s have codes so we’ll be giving our impressions on what we played when the beta ends on October 12th.

Hope everyone can get in.

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What an awesome game, I love how I can plaster my Cartman stickers all over your pod, wonder if you can use the stickers I made? If so iI can just make any you need and you won’t have to buy the eye.

Great single player but so much better in co-op imo. I can’t wait for release day now, I don’t think I will stop playing this until the 12th.

You up for more Sackboy capers tomorrow mate? BTW what time do you finish tomorrow? 🙂

Comment by Ad's

That’d be sweet if I could use the stickers you make mate, still might pick up a PS Eye anyway. I think the game really needs to be played in co-op for people to get the full experience. The 24th can’t come soon enough and I’ll definitely be playing it a ton until the 12th.

Oh, I finish at 16:30 so should be home around 5 ish 😦 . At least i’m off tomorrow 🙂 .

Comment by Anthony (Editor In Chief)

Ok will play FM until you get back and not spoil it. EMail me when your home. 🙂

Comment by Ad's

Get off Ferrari challenege you trophy whore and come on LBP.

Comment by Ad's

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