Home, Firmware 2.50 Coming Next Month Says Home Manager by Anthony Barlow
September 19, 2008, 7:07 pm
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[By Anthony]

A PS3 Fanboy tipster sent in the above image from the Home Beta forums. The Home manager ‘TedTheDog’ said that Home and PS3 Firmware 2.50 will be coming in October. The beta currently has a bug which freezes PS3 systems and causes unknown network errors. ‘Ted’ responded with this:

“2.5 is what we’re waiting for and ‘October’ is what I’ve heard, later October is my guess.”

The post also says that the firmware will be released alongside version 1.00 of Home will also be released in October. With the possible release of 2.50 and Home could it be the worldwide roll out of home? It certainly looks that way.

The PS Blog has also updated saying that the Home beta will be expanding very soon. With the continued expansion of the beta it looks even more likely that we’re going to see the long awaited release of Sony’s premier social networking service.


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Cool, thanks for the update. Whilst scanning the net for Home news can you keep an eye out for info on how it segregates users? Heard it may be done on consoles region rather than by IP.

Really hoping for IP otherwise I won’t be able to utilise it to its max.

Comment by Ad's

Will do mate. I hope it’s done by IP and not region of console because that’d be stupid. Then again it’s stupid to segregate users anyway.

Comment by Anthony (Editor In Chief)

I think it’s for marketing reasons to be honest. Really hope they give the user a choice.

Heard the 360 is getting it’s GTA content this Nov. I bet Sony are pretty pleased they didn’t fork out $50m for it.

Comment by Ad's

I’ll be played but with all the other AAA titles coming out towards the end of the year i’m pretty sure this GTA content is going to get overlooked by most people. Yeah allowing the user to choose is a logical option, surely it’s easier to separate via IP than console region though?

Comment by Anthony (Editor In Chief)

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