COD: World At War Gets 4 Player Online Co-Op Campaign by Anthony Barlow
September 19, 2008, 1:21 am
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[By Anthony]

Call Of Duty 4’s campaign mode was great, it was amazing in fact but how much better would it’ve been if you could’ve had an online ally there with you? It would’ve been better. Treyarch are going to try and remedy that as today they announced, via a new trailer, that Call Of Duty: World At War would include a 4 player online co-op campaign mode. No longer will you have to fight alongside just the A.I., however good it might be it’s always better knowing someone has got your back.

This has got me really excited about the game now. I like playing the campaign mode in co-op. Don’t ask me why, I just do. It’s probably something to do with the cameraderie of it all, or maybe just bad A.I. Whatever it is this is definitely a cool feature to have in the game a redeeming quality to something some people may find at tad outdated.

The game is coming this November. 2008 seems like one of the best years to be a gamer, well in my opinion at least.


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