Sackboy Coming To PAIN? by Anthony Barlow
September 18, 2008, 4:34 pm
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[By Anthony]

It looks like LittleBigPlanet’s Sackboy could be making his way into the catapult filled, explosive world of PAIN. According to 1Up, Sackboy will be the first character from a Sony property to be included in the game. Of couse this sounds quite possible but is just a rumor for now. If 1Up are to be believed we could be throwing around Sony’s latest mascot “in the near future”.

Now this is some PAIN DLC i’ll actually pay for!


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Sad bastard! 🙂 I refuse to pay for anything in pain. Reason-most of it should of been fecking included from the start. More devs should take Criterions lead and release quality DLC F.O.C. Instead of making you pay for an extra level or some crappy characters. Then release Trophies you can only get if you buy the aforementioned DLC. Crooks.


Comment by Ad's

But it’s Sackboy. You know he’s worth it. 🙂

Comment by Anthony (Editor In Chief)

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