More ‘GEON’ News by Anthony Barlow
September 16, 2008, 6:38 pm
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[By Anthony]

A few weeks back I reported on a game called ‘GEON’, an XBLA title which is coming to the PSN. The game’s developers, Strawdog Studios, seem to have caught my article and today dropped me a line to give me an update on the game. Dan Merchant, Strawdog’s Business Development Director also attached the press release talking about the PSN version and some of their (non-PlayStation) games they’ve got in the works. He also mentioned that the PSN game would be an enhanced version of the XBLA version and the game would feature trophies. A big plus there, especially for trophy whore’s (like me). Will be looking out for this one. Hit the jump for the press release. Click here for screens.

Arcade action game “GEON” coming to PSN – with online
multi-player and PSN trophies.

DERBY, ENGLAND, August XX 2008 –  Derby-based Strawdog Studios, are pleased to announce that their fast paced arcade game Geon will  be coming to Sony’s PSN, fully charged with online multiplayer support, high definition 1080p visuals, 12 new trophies for PSN players to unlock and a raft of game play enhancements.
The PSN version is now code complete and the release date will be announced shortly by the publisher.

Controlling a ‘Geon’ cube, players frantically compete against their opponents to collect pellets and deposit them in the opponent’s goal to score. At the same time they must fight to prevent their opponents from scoring by the tactical use of the different powerballs as well as their cube’s all-new default attack and shield abilities.
The game enhancements for the PSN version include

  • Redesigned single player maps,
  • Introduction of a new League mode
  • Players have attack and shield as standard (instead of only via a power-up) allowing for greater interaction with (thumping the hell out of) your opponent,
  • New goal scoring system make it essential to stop your opponent scoring,
  • Redesigned Power-ups with the introduction of new ones such as Bliss’ ghost cubes (which collect pellets for you) and Rage’s extra attack – it’s one angry cube.
  • Introduction of PSN trophies,
  • Dramatically improved AI to handle the new game-play.

Geon PSN features a variety of single player and multi-player modes including:

  • Single player
    • League – progress to the top of the four Geon leagues, and become King of the Grids!
    • Duel – Go head to head against AI opponents
    • Time Attack – a game of pure speed as you compete to win medals and set the fastest time for clearing a grid.
  • Multi-player – Up to 4 player compete on-line or off-line (split screen)
    • Duel  – Go head to head against a friend and inflict some pain!
    • Last man standing – Up to 4 players battle it out – who will be the last man standing?
  • Team Geon – Team up with a friend to battle your enemies in this 2vs2 mode
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