No PSN Update Today, No RB Patch For Europe Either by Anthony Barlow
September 11, 2008, 5:33 pm
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[By Anthony]

It has been announced over at the European PlayStation forums that Europe will not be getting a store update today due to technical difficulties. Sony are yet to commit to annything but it looks like we could get the update with the release of Rock Band in Europe tomorrow.

For those who’ve got the game early it certainly looks like you won’t be getting any DLC or the patch that has already hit for the the US version of the game.

The FIFA 09 demo was also meant to be coming today (as I posted about yesterday) but that looks like it won’t be happening until tomorrow. It looks like the US will be getting an update and the demo will be there so that’s good.

Shame for all those people who’ve got RB and can’t experience the full thing just yet. Sony better have a good reason for updating a day late. Until then this is one epic fail for SCEE.


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As much as I love FIFA I only want the fucking Rock Band patch. NOW!!!!!! 🙂 Piss up in a brewery springs to mind.

Comment by Ad's

what no way 😦

Comment by Luke

Well I never thought i’d hear you say you weren’t bothered about FIFA mate, but I get what you mean. Oh and Luke, yes way. Europe ain’t getting an update until tomorra.

Comment by Anthony (Editor In Chief)

can’t believe it been waitin for this demo and fifa 09 now its delayed 2moz it will be alright if it was a saturday =[

Comment by josh

its jst not fair i heard dat inb amarica its downloadable 😥

Comment by dononopnomn

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