Impressions: Pure by Ryan Gray
September 6, 2008, 6:40 pm
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[By Ryan]

Pure is an off the wall ATV racer with ridiculous tricks thrown in. It’s being developed by Black Rock Studios and published by Disney Interactive. I’ve just recently had a hands on with the game and well, hit the jump for my impressions.

When you first boot up the game and play through the tutorial. You will quickly realize how good this game looks, and how well the ATV controls. The tutorial shows the basics: driving, tricks, boosting e.t.c. Getting off the ground is very similar to ollies in EA’s Skate. You pull down, then thrust up as soon as your about to get off a jump this feels great and is very easy to pull off. Three of the four face buttons are used for different difficulty tricks and surprisingly this simple way of tricking using the left stick and face buttons really feels good and makes perfect sense.

After learning the ropes you’re thrown right into a race with fifteen other racers. You’ll be pulling off insane tricks left and right, and when you finally get to the biggest jump on the track you’ll get a chance to pull of a special trick (if you’ve built up enough in your combo meter). They are absolutely insane and often hilarious. Other than that it’s a straight race to the finish, and it’s really a lot of fun. I reccomend anyone to download the demo at least and try it, and i’ll probably be picking this one up retail on September 16th (US) or for our European readers 26th.


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I actually liked this game. I went into it assuming it would be a Motorstorm rip off and was surprised at what I found. I am not a racing game fan but if this game dropped in price *cough* and had trophies *cough* then I might pick it up. Definitely not a must buy for me though.

Comment by Anthony (Editor In Chief)

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