No trophy support for fallout 3 by Steve
September 5, 2008, 12:23 am
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[By Steve]

More bad news for the trophy whores among you, as during an interview with PSU.com the question was asked to Pete Hines, Vice President of Marketing at Bethesda, his reply

“Not at launch,”

“It remains to be seen what we do down the road. It wasn’t something we were able to incorporate into the game for launch.”

Of course that doesn’t rule out a future trophy patch, but with a game that promises the epic scale of Fallout 3 it’s unfortunate that trophies wont be included straight out of the box.


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Heard about this the other day. Not good, but they never said they wouldn’t patch it in which is cool. Ads made a good point yesterday that it could spoil the game. Obviously we’ll have to wait and see.

Comment by Anthony (Editor In Chief)

What could spoil the game? it not having trophies or the possibility of them being released in a patch mate?

Comment by Steve M

i like my PS3 ok, but lets face facts. If one really wants all the extra perks, trophies and acknowledgments; buy a XBOX 360.
PS3 has hardly any games with trophies or any rewarding features. I gave up on games having trophies a long time ago…….

Comment by controlling chaos

The amount of games i’ve gone into to just get trophies (Uncharted e.t.c.) is stupid. Trophies could spoil this game because it might make some people (possibly me) play the game for trophies first before playing because I want to if you get what I mean.

Comment by Anthony (Editor In Chief)

Yeah, heard this drop a while ago. Sucks, but to be honest I kind of like it. When Uncharted got trophies it was a great excuse to replay an AWESOME game that was gathering dust.
Hopefully a future patch will inject Fallout 3 with some extra life (Med-X) :p

Comment by Dean Longmore

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