Official PS3 Headset Priced` For North America by Anthony Barlow
September 4, 2008, 7:55 pm
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[By Anthony]

Remember that headset that Sony announced would be coming with SOCOM Confrontation. Of course you dont. Anyway, Sony has announced that said headest would be launching at $49.99, but for an extra $10 you can get the headset with a copy of SOCOM. Seems like a good deal. Hit the jump for more details on the headset.

The majortiy of bluetooth headsets are supported by the PS3 but it seems many of them don’t offer the best sound quality. A new Firmware update will apparently make the headset have the best sound quality available when playing games. The ‘set will be using:

“advanced wireless technologies and the Headset’s dual-microphone design to enable clear and wide-band wireless voice communication with the PS3 system.”

It sounds good and Sony have come out and said that future titles will support this new high quality stuff, which is always a good sign. It has also been said that games could have voice support that would mimic your speech on screen, another very cool feature. A feature called ‘Proximity chat’ will also offer voice playback in surround sound too.

It seems like this headset has a lot of really cool features and that Sony will be supporting it quite well but I personally won’t be shelling out £30 for a new headset that’s for sure.


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