We’re On Facebook! by Anthony Barlow
September 3, 2008, 6:12 pm
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[By Anthony]

Hey people, your friendly neighborhood EIC here and i’m about to drop some knowledge …facebook style. A few weeks back I posted on various, gaming related, facebook groups asking for people willing to contribute to the blog. Let’s just say I got a few responses.

Anyway, I talked to a friend of mine, Darren Uddenberg an aspiring screenplay writer and Facebook group specialist. He said that he’d like to contribute to the site but not by posting. He wanted to set up and run the official XeNonX Facebook group.

I have to admt that I was a little skeptical. I thought that it might not work, that we’d have no one join excetera, excetera. Then after doing a little bit of thinking I realised that it was a great opportunity, “for what?” I hear you cry. Self promotion.

Faceboook is one of, if not the, largest social networking sites around with millions of members logging in each day. This group can not only be used to inform current readers of the site about XeNonX but also attract a hell of a lot of new ones.

See I told you i’d have some original content for ya. Click the image for a direct link to the group.


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Thanks for the post, I have been having the same problems.

Comment by truongtuyen

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