Kevins Smith Wins NC-17 Appeal With MPAA by Darren Uddenberg
September 3, 2008, 10:53 pm
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[By Darren]

Filmmaker Kevin Smith (Chasing Amy, Clerks 2) Recently Battled the MPAA’s Rating Board Over 2 Sex Scenes Involving co-stars Jason Mewes and Katie Morgan in His Upcoming Comedy “Zack And Miri Make a Porno”. Smith Appealed The MPAA’s NC-17 Rating Believing Artistically the Movie should not Incur any Further Cuts. After The Appeal’s Board Reviewed The Movie and Discussed Smith’s Concerns They Finally Agreed to Lower The Film to an “R” Rating, Allowing Audiences under 17 able to View The Movie With adult supervision.

Kevin Commented: “Anybody not inclined to see a movie with `Porno’ in the title is not going to see it, so it kind of regulates itself to a degree,” Smith said. “And anybody who is going is not going to be surprised by what they see.”

Zack and Miri Stars stars Seth Rogen and Elizabeth Banks and Debuts October 30th

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I like Kevin Smith, I like Seth Rogen what’s not to like here. Nice to have some decent stuff filling out the movie news category too.

Comment by Anthony (Editor In Chief)

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