New PSP To Support DualShock 3 & 480i? by Anthony Barlow
August 29, 2008, 4:11 am
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[By Anthony]

According to a ‘ Best Buy insider’ the new PSP model, PSP-3000, is going to support some really rather cool things. Until now i’ve not reall paid any attention to the new PSP and just passed it off as just another iteration on what I already have, but this ‘insider’ has made my ears prick up.

The insider has said that the new PSP won’t just be slightly more streamlined, have a built in mic and have a better screen it will have support for your DualShock 3 and the TV-out feature will now output 480i instead of the 480p that it supports now.

Although the DualShock 3 thing sounds cool and would make the PSP control better it does sound a little unlikely as it would probably mean developers adapting their games to support this control.

Either way, i’m hoping that it’s true and that it can work but it seems quite unlikely. I’ve not upgraded my PSP from the the original fat system so I might pick one of these up…eventually.

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