David Reeves Discusses Exclusives by Anthony Barlow
August 26, 2008, 10:19 pm
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[By Anthony]

In an interview with GameIndustry.biz David Reeves discussed his views on exclusive games amongst other things. He said that a good lineup of games is more important than the price of the console to most people. How does he plan to keep this great list of games exclusive? Hit the jump to see what he had to say and my opinion too

“investment in our own intellectual properties — as particularly Phil Harrison and I tried to do in the last five years with SingStar, or with The Getaway, or with Buzz! … It’s like a patent. We can take them forward.”

Reeves also said that he knew that publishers could not keep things exclusive unless they’re given loads of money. He said that Sony would rather work with the developers of a game rather than it’s publisher. He used developer Quantic Dream and their game ‘Heavy Rain’ as an example. Reeves was talking about Heavy Rain and said it was:

“a great game, it takes a lot of time to develop, they need a little bit of funding, external development. In exchange, it’s exclusive — that works.”

Sony obviously dosen’t want to discount working with publishers all together, but I think that Reeves is right and that working with a game’s developer would work out better for Sony than working with publishers. I personally don’t think that it’s possible for a publisher to give Sony, or anyone for that matter, an exclusive game without being given a ton of money for it. Hopefully Sony’s approach works and will hopefully stop all of the 360 fanboys saying “I don’t want a PS3, there’s no good games on it” or “I can get all the same games on the 360” because if Sony get this right those two statements won’t be true.


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