Mirrors Edge Getting PS3 Timed Exclusive? – Nope :( by Anthony Barlow
August 25, 2008, 4:17 am
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[By Anthony]

EA’s parkour ’em up ‘Mirrors Edge’ looks really promising, but is it going to be a timed exclusive on the PS3? The answer to that is…Nope! SCEE’s David Reeves said last week at GC:

“We are continuously, month after month publishing new titles that bring something unique to different target groups. In a month, it is Gran Turismo, in the next SingStar, as well as Third-Party titles [such] as Mirror’s Edge by Electronic Arts are part of this strategy”

This was misquoted by a German site who sort of read between the lines and decided that Reeves was announcing that ‘Mirrors Edge’ would be a PS3 timed exclusive. That was a shame because it’d be a really cool, innovative exclusive for the PS3 to get but obviously it wasn’t going to get. An EA spokesperson spoke to Button Masher and confirmed that the game would not be exclusive, timed or not for either system, saying:

“Mirror’s Edge will not be timed exclusive for PS3″

Shame really.


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