The Last Guy First Impressions by Steve
August 21, 2008, 3:14 pm
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[By Steve M]

With Sony’s The Last Guy hitting the Honk Kong Store I decided to give the trial version a quick run through to find out what was involved, first impressions after the jump

Well i’ll start off by saying the game is a very simple concept, the world has been taken over by zombies and other nasties and the populations of the worlds major cities are huddled together in small groups awaiting rescue.  The player has to race around the city collecting survivors and escorting them back to a rescue zone all the while avoiding the aforementioned nasties that patrol the streets, these groups are located by hitting the X button which changes to a thermal view that displays groups as a coloured heat source.

Locating survivors made easy thanks to your thermal satellite view

Locating survivors made easy thanks to your thermal satellite view

Judging by the trial version this is as complicated as it gets.  Your given a number of people you have to rescue, 500 for the demo, and a time limit in which to do so, now you can play it safe and only rescue small groups at a time which makes them easier to handle  as you escort them to the safe zone, but you can also collect as many as you can to create a chain, having a longer chain can be advantageous, (and I’ll leave the innuendo completely alone as that’s just far too easy)  as they can increase your stamina, which is represented by a stamina bar and is depleted using your sprint button.  But this approach can also be dangerous as having your impressively long chain munched on by a hideous nasty is definitely not to be recommended, as this leads to the survivors you have in transit being reduced to pitifully small numbers, this is the gamble you have to take if you wish the world to view your impressive length via up loadable score boards (sorry).

Graphically the game uses Google maps and everything is displayed in nice crisp HD, for someone who actually lives in a location featured in the game, I can imagine this to add greatly to the titles appeal, as who wouldn’t want to rescue stranded survivors trapped in their local comunnity center from mutant zombies and other foul beasts?

So after my brief hands on with the demo, I think it’s a title thats definetly not going to appeal to everyone, fans of classic arcade titles who enjoy nothing more than seeing their name on top of a score board will lap this game up and rightly so in my humble opinion, like i started off by saying its a very simple concept, but one thats combined with the impressive renditions of cities through Google earth, makes for a fun little distraction, but players looking for something a little deeper and involving might want to look elsewhere.

The Last Guy is due on the EU and US playstation stores before the end of the August.

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