Impressions: Mercenaries 2: World In Flames by Anthony Barlow
August 18, 2008, 4:50 pm
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Yes it is a bit late, but the fact is I lost my notes. I know, organised right? Well with that out of the way i’m gonna drop some Mercs 2 impressions.This game was one of my most anticipated games of the year and I really hoped it would live up to my expectations. Hit the jump to see what I thought.

The first thing I noticed about the game is it’s controls, they’re not good. It might have been that I was playing the game on 360 and I wasn’t used to the controls but if that did factor in it didn’t make much difference. I assume I was playing an older build of the game so i’ve still go hope EA can pull it off but bad, clunky controls are a definite no no in an action title, well for me at least. Walking around as the Sweedish guy (voiced by John Abruzzi from Prison Break) seemed to work fairly well and the gunplay was quite well done, it just seemed a bit botched when you put it together. Pandemic are a great developer i’m sure they can sort this out before the game ships in September. My main concern with controls were in the vehicle section I played. I was driving some sort of monster truck thing and this is where the clunky, non-fluidness really kicked in, It felt like I was trying to maneuver a tank round sharp bends. If this is the case for the retail build I really do hope it was just this car and none of the others in the game.

Graphically it’s good. It isn’t amazing like Killzone 2 or Resistance 2, but they’re good. I think the graphical capabilities have been weakened by the fact EA want to make a PS2 version of the game using the same engine. Not a good idea. I think EA, Pandemic or whoever decided to make a PS2 version is a really stupid person. I personally believe that this game could’ve been a rival for many a sandbox title if it had been built only for current-gen consoles, but that’s just my opinion.

John Abruzzi, John Abruzzi

I spoke to some of the other guys playing the game at the event and they had similar issues. They all said the controls didn’t work as well as they could’ve done and thought that EA seemed to have held back in the graphics department, something they rarely do. At least it wasn’t me being picky then. I did find out from one of the EA guys that the game would feature full, drop in drop out, online co-op which is one thing that definitely excites me about the game.

I don’t know how old the build shown at M Festival was, for all I know this build could be a few months old. What I do know is, it hasn’t made a big impression on me. We’ll have to see what the game is like when it comes out in September, but to be honest it doesn’t look the best.

Sorry the impressions were short. I didn’t get the full hands on with the game that I would’ve liked, which obviously doesn’t help. Another major thing is that the build I played was on the 360 (there was no PS3 build there), it might be that the PS3 version is better and the 360 controller could be what made the controls feel clunky. Obviously this can only be tested when the game comes out or if a demo shows up (which is entirely possible).

I really want this game to be good, so hopefully EA/Pandemic are working hard on making the game a hell of a lot better than what I played. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.


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