NO Trophy Support For Mercenaries 2 by Steve
August 17, 2008, 1:41 pm
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[By Steve M]

Bad news for trophy hunters  as the chances of trophy support in yet another upcoming PS3 release bite the dust,  in a recent Q&A Gamespot held with Mercenaries 2 developers Pandemic Studios, the question was asked.

GS AU: Will you be supporting trophies on the PlayStation 3 version?

CB: No we are not. We were deep into development by the time that SDK was made available. We love the idea and we’d really like to, but this time we have no plans.

Full Q&A

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Even if they didn’t have the Dev Kits for trophies available to them during production isn’t it still possible for them to implement Achievements/Trophies into the game? It seems that they added it to the 360 version so why not PS3? I’m not a trophy whore but it would be a nice added bonus to give the game better replay value.

Comment by sniperwolf

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