Final Fantasy XIII Demo Will Be 90 Minutes Long by Anthony Barlow
August 16, 2008, 8:47 pm
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It was revealed today that the Final Fantasy XIII Demo, revealed at that Square Enix event a few weeks ago, would be 90 minutes long. A poster over at NeoGaf seems to have some of the details from this week’s Famitsu, said details are after the jump.

– The FFXIII demo disc included with FFVIIACC will be a PS3 disc, it’s not on a standard blu-ray movie disc. This is good news for people with Euro PS3s, since it’ll probably mean the demo will work even if the movie is region locked.

– There’s 3 realtime screens of Agito XIII from the trailer, including a screen of Odin.

– 3 pages worth of FFXIII screens and stuff, about 20 screens. There are realtime screens too apparently.

– The FFXIII demo will be from the opening part of the game, and will be longer than FFVIIAC (longer than 90mins? :o).

– 4 pages on Versus, about 10 screens all realtime.

– The world in Versus XIII worships a Shinigami and the Shinigami is designed by Amano

– The cars and clothing seen in the trailers so far will probably change in design for the final game

– The morale of the team is really high!


– They moved it to the PSP because they couldn’t wait for cellphones to get more advanced lolz

– The battle will be heavy on action but still sort of turn based. It will use an advanced version of Crisis Core’s high speed ATB system.

– Crisis Core was 1 player, but this time there will be multiple characters in the party.

– Right now it supports Infrastructure multiplayer for up to 3 players.

– Summons are part of the character growth system, and can also be controlled by players after summoning.

– The game will support both Ad-hoc and Infrastructure.

Edit (updates/clarifications):

– FFXIII will definitely have a party battle system, where you control each character as they switch turns, like in a normal FF. It will not be like FFXII.

– FFXIII’s story is being written such that every single of the main characters will feel like protagonists, instead of just supporting characters.

– At the top of the building where the prince and the heroine of Versus meet, there is a painting. That painting is the Shinigami that is worshipped in the world, and the painting of it in the game itself, is drawn by Amano.

– The name of the prince and the heroine in Versus will be revealed at TGS.

There’s a good ammount of details there. Keep checking back on the post as details are “still trickling in” but it definitely sounds like a good deal for people looking at buying the ‘Advent Children’ children blu-ray.

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