Now Now Dont Worry About Your Home Beta Invite by Steve
August 15, 2008, 1:31 pm
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With the first batch of “random” invitations to the EU Home beta being dispatched yesterday, it’s a fair chance you did’nt receive yours.  Well as the good book says “DONT PANIC” as it would seem there are more invites to come over the next few weeks as the beta progresses.  Speaking on the official playstation forums Mr Trill, who is part of the community team, had this to say when asked about the invitation situation.

“I think it is at random.

However I know that they are going to keep on inviting people.

More and more each week.”

So those just itching to start decorating their virtual apartment,  creating their online double, or the one handed gaming types relishing the prospect of harrasing any vaguely female avatar they come across, well take a little heart from this and that magic email might be dropping into your inbox very soon.

Steve M

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Shame it seperates consoles by region. Guess I will never be able to see what Barmelo conjures up for his apartment.

Will probably also miss him happy slapping using his Force powers on people like Recon_2. 🙂

All hail the “cheating website”.

Comment by C.B

Home is so awesome i want it so bad it is sooooooooooooooooooo cool.

Comment by Nasser

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