New SOCOM: Confrontation Beta Information by Steve
August 15, 2008, 2:37 pm
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With the Socom Beta due to kick off in the States early September, David Brothers over at Socom.com has let slip a little info on what will be involved

As planned right now, the beta is going to involve Crossroads and Crossroads Large, the 16 and 32 player variations. You’ve seen the screens and videos, and maybe even figured out the general layout of the map, but you’ll get a month to play on it yourself.

Beyond that, you’ll have access to the full range of game modes. Extraction, Elimination, Suppression, and everything else are going to be represented. You’ll be able to adjust the settings how you like, as well. Lock out certain weapons, or even entire weapon classes, if you like. If you hate M4s for some reason, you can shut them out of your game.

Character customization will be in, as well, from body armor to camo to headgear and beyond. There will also be clan support and stat tracking, but be aware that these will all be reset at launch.

Think of the beta as a test drive. It’ll be the first time the gaming community at large, and SOCOM.com members in particular, get a crack at the game. The month’ll let the team check gameplay, server stress, and a host of other important things. It’ll be an interesting ride.

Yes you read it right, you can lock out any weapon you like, or don’t like for that matter, so for me that’s no shotguns allowed, gone, no more, forget it, go find another another toy to play with because i’m taking mine home with me.  Yes that’s right i hate the dam things whatever the game, oh yes I’ve suffered an all too quick demise on far far to many occasions to the hands of a shotgun wielding opponent, who to be fair could of probably taken me out with some harsh language and a rolled up copy of the Telegraph.

Steve M

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