More LBP News by Anthony Barlow
August 15, 2008, 6:26 pm
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It’s sad to say it but Media Molecule are really starting to do my head in with all of these LittleBigPlanet reveals. It’s ncie too see that the guys have got some really cool stuff going into the game but it’s starting to get kinda old, not good. Anyway, today it was revealed by MM’s Mark Healy that the game would feature other elements besides fire and water.

You can set fire to pretty much anything, you can also make things ‘electrified’, or turn them to gas, which is very cool… By water, I assume you mean ‘real water’ that acts like real water does! This isn’t in the initial release, but we have some cool ideas for how to integrate it into a possible future DLC — of course, it will have a slight LBP twist to it… There is fog that you can tweak, and you could pretty easily fake a thunderstorm with the right sound effect objects and some ‘emitted’ rain drops or something.

Once again something cool from the guys over at Media Molecule and something else to look forward to in LBP. Alex Evans wants another really big reveal at Leipzig next week, i’m wondering if there’s anything more to talk about.

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