Details On The ‘Dark Knight’ Game by Anthony Barlow
August 13, 2008, 12:50 am
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Kotaku seem to have the scoop on the new Batman game and their source has dropped some details. Now whilst these details aren’t official they give me some hope that the game will be good.

First of all their source has revealed that the game is being developed by Pandemic, but that was pretty much confirmed already. The source also says that the game will be open world and that Batman will get around both on foot, using the grapling hook and in the Batmobile. You will also be attending to regular crimes (a la True Crime and Spider-Man 2) as well as the big super villain ones.

The source also commented on why the game has been delayed. Apparently the combat dosen’t work all that well due to the free roaming camera, a lack of moves Batman can do which makes the game awfully repetative.

Now whilst there’s no solid facts there but that definitely sounds like the game is being made. It’s a shame that the combat isn’t working that well yet, but with no release date or confirmation that the game is being made (official confirmation that is) Pandemic have got time to make it work.

Another source has said that Pandemic have taken creative libeties with the game and have, gladly, they’ve based iot on the new movie but have set the game after the events of ‘The Dark Knight’, which is good from a story telling perspective as well as a gameplay one.


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