M Festival Has Started! – I’m Not There :( (Yet) by Anthony Barlow
August 9, 2008, 1:08 am
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So XeNonX’s 1st games convention/event thingy, M Festival, kicked off today and guess what i’m not there :(. Yes I said I was gonna be there and I am, but not just yet. Due to accomodation problems it looks like i’ll probably have to wait until the last day of the show to attend (I don’t have the money to travel between Manchester and Warwickshire twice a day). Yeah, it sucks but on the bright side it’s on a Monday which’ll probably mean less daft kids wandering the halls with parents because they’re all at work. Making it an easier job for me.

I’ll still get to see all of the games on show, it just means i’ll miss the opening, probably Gemma Atkinson (she’s opening the event) and possibly some of the main stage events. Never mind eh, it was never gonna run smoothly, was it. Monday should still give me some valuable experience and hopefully a little more time to talk to some industry peeps (I’m on a mission to get a hold of the FIFA guys and ask them ‘really important’ questions).

Other than that everything is still going to plan. I’m gonna be there doing whatever I need to do (playing FIFA 09 multiple times) and covering it all for you guys my valuable readers. I’ll even have some hired (yet unpaid) help with me so you might just see some of his impressions up there too.

I wonder if i’ll get any cool swag?

Like I said I am still attending the show, on Monday, and will be wearing my mandatory XeNonX t-shirt to help advertise. So if any readers are there look out for me, I sincerely doubt random readers will be spotting me there though. It’s not like i’m Greg Miller or anything.

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