BioShock 2 To Include Multiplayer? – 2K Boston Want Someone “To Lead A Multiplayer Design Team” by Anthony Barlow
August 4, 2008, 10:55 pm
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My source has come through again. This time he’s sent me to Gamasutra’s ‘Job Seeker’ website and to a link about 2K Boston (the guys who made the original BioShock). After Reading through the job description I’ve found that it makes many a reference to the original BioShock, in particular “We expect you to be familiar with BioShock”. This quote, along with many others relating to the franchise, leads me to believe that there will be a multiplayer mode in BioShock 2.

Obviously this in unconfirmed but the ammount of references to BioShock seems to make it pretty obvious that the team intends to add multiplayer to the new game. My theory is that either the game will feature an online co-op mode which could be the same as the single player experience or a seperate mode altogether. Either that or they’re going to add some mad dethmatch mode to the game, which seems like it’d ruin the game to be honest, and in the end not be very good.

The advertisement also states the platforms the game will be developed on will be the PS3, 360 and Windows. This is again something that suggests BioShock 2.

Your thoughts please.

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