What Games Do You Game? – Two Weeks Worth Right Here by Anthony Barlow
August 1, 2008, 12:26 am
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Sorry I haven’t been as active with the postings this week but It’s not all my fault. It’s the week after E3, there isn’t much news. Well that was a bit off topic, anyway here we are again for a double dose of WGDYG? and hey there’s a lot this week.

  • PixelJunk Eden (PS3 Via PSN) – Now this might be the newbie of my game collection but it’s gotta be one of the most played games this week, even if i’ve only had it (it being the full game) a matter of hours. The game is simple but great the concept might not have been welcomed with open arms by the general public (probably because we had no clue what it was) but now with the demo and the game out there on the PSN why would no one try this? It’s a great game and will be played by me, and probably everyone else who bought it, for a long time. Plus it’s the second game to support the PS3’s new trophy system, another great reason to pick this one up.
  • Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (PS3) – Ah, another old favourite has crept in again. Call Of Duty 4 has got to be the only game that after being out for almost 8 months is still great fun to play online. I’ve got to admit sniping a rank 10 (prestige 10) player from across the map and hearing his reaction on Crossfire will never get old.
  • UEFA Euro 2008 (PS3) – Not a week (or two) goes by without a footy game being in this list and it’s unsurprising because EA have pulled out all the stops on their last two footy games. I really do hope that they don’t drop the ball on FIFA 09, it won’t be long before I find out.
  • Rock Band (PS3) – Guitar Hero eat your heart out, Rock Band is the number one music rhythm game out their right now. I love GH but the tracklist for RB is immense. I was playing the game today and came across songs i’d never played before. It’s always nice to see that there’s undiscovered stuff in a game you’ve been playing for a while. I wish Harmonix would bring some Joy Division to the game though, that’d be more than sweet.
  • Battlefield: Bad Company (PS3) – This is one from last week as i’ve not really played it this week. The single player seems really short as i’ve not been playing long and i’ve nearly finished it. Online is still cool but with only one mode I can see it getting old fast. It’s unlikely this’ll last very long for many people after August.
  • NBA 2K8 (PS3) – Another oldie on the list again. I don’t know why but every once in a while this game just grabs me and almost makes me play it. The ‘association’ mode is sweet and lasts ages and is great to play with a lower rated side (I chose the Portland Trailblazers). It’s still great and I can’t wait to see what 2K do with the latest edition.

Well that’s it from WGDYG?. I’ve played a lot of games over the past two weeks and it’s surprising that only two of them are relatively new. I have let the blog slip a little after E3 but normal service will resume next week.

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