Impressions: FaceBreaker (PS3) by Anthony Barlow
August 1, 2008, 5:22 am
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FaceBreaker is EA Freestyle’s first outing and seemed quite promising. It looked like a throwback to the old arcadey boxing titles like Ready 2 Rumble and with the team behind one of the best boxing games ever, Fight Night Round 3, what could go wrong? Well in a word Loads.

First of all the thumbstick controls of Fight Night are gone, replaced by the PS3’s face buttons, which put a downer on things right there. The controls are clunky compared to those of FN and on face value it seems like a button masher with no skill to it whatsoever. Now obviously, with the little time I had with the game I can’t give a rounded opinion. In the 20 minutes I had with the game I found the controls unbearable and really wanted the thumbstick control back ASAP, but that’s not gonna happen is it.

The art style is nice and looks great on the PS3, the only thing I can see wrong with it is that people wanting to play a boxing game usually want realism and this dosen’t deliver. The art style might be nice but the characters seem pretty lacklustre. EA have obviously tried to tie the cartoony graphics to bad humor and made a right balls up. Seriously, who needs an overweight, ninja boxer?

There are some really nice touches though. The first one I saw was that, as promised, Peter Moore is in the game as a pre-created character which is quite nice. Secondly, the photo scanning thing is cool too and i’d like to see this implemented into more games from now on.

So it seems that the bad outweighs the good here, which is a shame because I really did want this to be good. EA have gone for humour and ‘family friendly’ graphics and from what i’ve seen and played it looks like it hasn’t paid off.

Obviously, the retail build could be different and could have a few tweaks to make the game better to play but at this point it’s doubtful. God I can’t wait for Fight Night 4


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