PSP 3000? by Anthony Barlow
July 22, 2008, 1:29 pm
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This news comes from BBSPSPChina. According to them Sony are already planning on releasing some new PSP hardware. This new hardware will suposedly be an update to the PSP Slim (or PSP 2000). It will apparently include a built-in microphone, some button changes, some cosmetic changes and possibly mobile phone support.

Now this all sounds really nice and it has been backed up with an image (above). This shows that the ‘Home’ button has been replaced with the standard ‘PS’ button, which is probably to avoid any confusion between the PSP and Sony’s ‘Home’ service. You can also see that the microphone is located next to the volume buttons.

Note that on the image above it seems like there’s no square opening on the back of the PSP and just a silver ring. Could this mean that just this section opens or that the future of PSP dosen’t include UMD’s?

I’ll try and get more info ASAP but consider this a rumor for now. There’s pro’s and con’s as to why this could be true but I would’ve expected something this big to be announced at E3. Anyway, like I said i’ll be trying to get some more info and will post it as I get it.


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