Impressions: Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm (PS3) by Anthony Barlow
July 20, 2008, 10:17 am
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Anime is definitely something i’m not interested in but with the PS3 Dragon Ball Z game coming out a while back and now this, Anime is one of the ways the PS3 can show off it’s strengths. This game is a straight fighter from Namco Bandai based around the world of the Naruto anime series.

The combat does work well and you can string together quite a few combos, but with only one main attack button it can get monotonous. The combat definitely does not have the depth of something like Street Fighter but it doses accomplish it’s goal of being a fast paced combo driven fighting game really well.

Visually this game is amazing. It looks just like your watching/playing an anime show. The characters are great looking and the art style really works well in a fighting game. The environments are really cool too, they’re great looking and the number of different areas within the games i played were great. There’s a great mix of ground and water environments with a lot of action also taking place in mid-air

Overall it looks like a great fighter for any fan of anime. I do urge everyone who owns a PS3 to try this demo out because you will be blown away by the visuals and who knows, you might even like it.


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