Impressions: Elefunk (PS3 – Via PSN) by Anthony Barlow
July 18, 2008, 10:27 pm
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This game’s had quite a bit of hype surrounding it for some reason, that’s quite surprising for a PSN exclusive game really, but after playing it I can see why. Elefunk is a fun, quirky puzzle game from 8bit games and looks like it could be a real jewel in the PSN’s crown.

It’s surprising now, after the PSN getting a bit of a battering from people because of it’s “lack of content”, that, whilst it might not have the ammount of content that XBLA does, the PSN is known to have some of the best quality titles of the two. With PixelJunk Monsters, Calling All Cars, Super Stardust HD and Echochrome the PlayStation store is slowly building it’s range of quality games for the consumers and Elephunk seems to be no exception.

I’ve played a demo version of this game and have to say after playing only two levels I was pretty hooked! The game has combined great physics with imaginiative challenges to create something special. I am yet to play multiplayer but I have heard that it’s really good and one that all the family can enjoy as well as the hardcore gamer. A definite good thing.

The only thing i’ve found wrong with the game is it’s pricing. You do get a lot for your fiver but, it’s only $5 in the US, which works out at about £2.50, shocking really. Either way every puzzle game fan should grab this because it’s fun, different and one of the most imaginative games of 2008.

Who knew getting from A to B could be so hard?

Elephunk is available from the PlayStation store for £4.99 and is worth it, but if you can buy it from the US and make the £2.50 saving it’s even better value.


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