‘New’ 80GB PS3 SKU Dropping 27th August In Europe – Good News & Bad by Anthony Barlow
July 17, 2008, 5:36 am
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The 80GB PS3 never materialized in Europe (or Oceania)  since it was announced and released in America last year. After Sony announced their pricedrop replacement for the 40GB model at their E3 presser they have now announced that the 80GB model will finally hit “All PAL territories (that’s Europe & Australia, basically) on August 27th.

I couldn’t find any specifics before (when I posted about the initial announcement) I now have them courtesy of Wikipedia. The ‘new’ 80GB SKU will be a ‘cut down’ model of the original 80GB and will loose some of the features the original had, below is a list of the aformentioned specs.

  • 2 USB ports (Original had 4)
  • It is WiFi enabled
  • Will not have flash card readers (The original did)
  • Will have chrome trim
  • No SCAD support (Was included in the first 80GB consoles)
  • Not backwards compatible  (The original had emulation software)

There you have it, it is a scaled down version of the original line of 80GB PS3’s but gladly it’ll be retailing at £299.99, which is the price of the 40GB PS3. No word on the DualShock being available in the new bundle but everything else is the same, why not that?


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omg these bastards at sony.why can’t they stick to one model? I think i’ll just stick to my xbox 360 elite

Comment by Tuso

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