Tretton: Sony Considering PSP With HDD by Anthony Barlow
July 16, 2008, 10:02 pm
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This’d be cool a PSP with a hard drive would definitely be a good thing, if not a great thing. With the possibility of a lot of downloadable games and the new movie store this would definitely be one of the best ideas for the PSP2 (along with proper buttons and two analog sticks)

Looks like the PSP2 train could be in motion here. Tretton speaks once again:

“I think we definitely thought about it,” he said. “I think that’s the trend moving forward.”

With the recently announced ability to purchase movies on a Playstation 3 and move them over to a Playstation Portable, and as the cost of memory continues to drop, the chance that a new Playstation Portable would include some sort of internal storage option is becoming increasingly likely, Tretton said.

New of the push toward digitally distributed movies through the Playstation Store is also like to impact UMD’s already flagging movie sales, he added.

“I think the UMD has struggled,” he said. “And that’s an understatement. That’s been a very frustrating thing. I don’t think (UMD movies) were handled very effectively.”

He said it seemed that studios said “lets see if we can get people to pay $20 or $30 for crappy movies with less content.”

Digital distributed movies, he said, is either going to supplement the UMD movie’s struggle or be the “stake in the UMD’s heart.”

Wise words from Jacky boy there seems like he’s actually talking sense about Sony’s future now. Sweet!


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