Tretton Answers Why ‘Home’ Is Taking So Long…Sorta by Anthony Barlow
July 16, 2008, 9:39 pm
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After briefly touching on the subject at last nights presser Jack Tretton had this to say about Home:

“I think it is in no-man’s land,” he said. “We know how to develop software, we know how to develop hardware. But Home is not a software title and it’s not necessarily a service. It kind of sat in the Worldwide Studio Group, but it really needed a lot of software support. It didn’t get wok on that until more recently.”

“There was a lot of learning and naivety.”

Tretton said the company isn’t bothered by Microsoft’s recent announcement of avatars and a sort of virtual space of their own on the Xbox 360.

“I think we are going in a bit of a different direction in Home,” he said. “We made a line in the sand (about not releasing Home yet) and made a strategic decision on home. It’s a road we are going to go down.”

A major reason behind the delayed release now is that the company needs to fill the space they’ve created, Tretton said.

“I would rather ship it two years from now and have it populated by a lot of neat stuff and be competitive than open something that is a ghost town,” he said. “The shell is there but we need to get the real destinations from the third party publishers and the Nikes of the world.”

“It’s like you open a mall and they’re only two stores in it.”

To an extent I agree with him. It needs to have everything ready, or at the very least the basics, before Sony roll it out. I really want to see it in 2008 though.


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