Rock Band 2 – Tweak Away Harmonix, Tweak To Your Hearts Content by Anthony Barlow
July 16, 2008, 11:10 pm
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Whoo more Rock Band 2 info sweet! Harmonix have said that they’re latest iteration of the franchise is NOT about innovation (what!) it’s about tweaking the existing concepts (few, saved) and adding to them (better) to try and make the Rock Band experience a hell of a lot better (nice!). From the sounds of things these improvements will definitely make the game better.

With the disc content (84 songs) and the rest of the RB1 songs and DLC available that brings the count to a massive 200 songs. Now it’d be a real ball ache trying to find a song but no Harmonix have fixed this with some new sorting features. You will now be able to sort songs by artist, album and decade. Clicking these headers will bring you into a sort of ‘playlist’ kinda thing where you can see everything in that category (i.e. David Bowie takes you onto songs by David Bowie).

Instrument wise there’s no big changes to the microphone (makes sense), but the guitar and drums have both had both had some tweaks done to them. The guitar (as you might have seen) now has a new wooden look to it and now has an auto calibration system to measure the delay and adjust the settings accordingly.

At first look the drums don’t look that different, but when the extras are added they look a lot cooler. The new cymbals can be added and used if you want but they aren’t needed. You can plug in an add-on and make the controller into a fully working electronic drum kit (which, I guess is sweet if you want/need that). Other additions include a better bass pedal and a new ‘drum tutor’ feature which will get newbies (and me) into drumming.

One of the best soundlng new features is ‘Battle Of The Bands’ which basically pits two bands around the world against one another in online challenges. The challenges can range from playing certain songs/setlists or playing songs by certian artists. The challenges will be updated daily and if i could get another two people together then it’d be legen…wait for it…dary (sorry I went a bit Barney Stinson back there).

There have been some tweaks to the ‘Band World Tour’ mode too. The ability to hire staff has been added which will help how much money the band makes and how many fans your band gets which adds a new element of strategy to the main campaign. Not only that but Harmonix have added the new ‘no fail’ mode (pretty self explanatory) and a new ‘jukebox’ mode where you pick the band and the songs and watch it unfold (ok…then it sounds a little meh but it could be cool).

Thanks to Kotaku for the pic of Harmonix’s event.

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