Final Fantasy XIII No Longer PS3 Exclusive :( by Anthony Barlow

Not the biggest Final Fantasy fan (I don’t really like JRPG’s) but this was obviously a real Sony biggie. It was announced at Microsoft’s press conference yesterday that the highly anticipated Final Fantasy XIII would be coming to the Xbox 360 & PS3.

For me, this isn’t the biggest of deals but it is for Sony and the PS3 which is why I’m a bit gutted, but I am optimistic. I personally don’t think that the FF fans will take to the 360 as a platform for this game. Yeah, Final Fantasy has been on 360 before but, I think that the game will turn out better on the PS3 and thus, will have more FF fans buying that version.

Plus, how many discs will the 360 version need? This game is being built for the PS3 and obviously a Blu-Ray disc so i’m thinking more discs here than Lost Odessey (4 discs).

At the squeenix (Square Enix) press conference, also yesterday, the “PS3 Exclusivity” was cleared up. The game will be a PS3 exclusive in Japan and such but will be multi-platform in English speaking territories as Square want to capitalize on the 360’s fanbase.

It was said, however, that Final Fantasy Versus XIII was still exclusive to the PS3. Here’s hoping for some form of crossover between the two games or some nice exclusive DLC to make people want to buy this on PS3.

I want to know how Sony will respond. You will see later today (7.30 GMT / 11.30 PDT) when Sony’s press conference begins (more on that later).


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