My Conversation With Recon_2 by Anthony Barlow
July 14, 2008, 9:02 pm
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This started when Ads was playing UEFA Euro 2008 against a certain ‘Recon_2 today. After quitting the game (you can’t have a laggy game of online football) Mr. Recon_2 sent him a message.

The message read:

Recon_2: “I Am Putting You On The Cheating Website”

To which Ad replied:

Ad: 1. Your connection was laggy and 2. I don’t play with people using assisted shooting every shot is a goal and it’s for noobs. Add me see if i care.

He got this shortly after:

Recon_2: people will not play with you ps it was a good signal cheat

I thought this was hysterical and decided i’d not had a good rant in a while (since Madden 09 Soundtrack) so I waded in on this and thought i’d act a bit crazy (to say the least).

Barmelo: What’s this cheating website you speak of? Can you add me? I too hate laggy games and noobs like yourself who use assisted shooting. Good luck on your quest to stop the ‘cheats’ and may the force be with you my young padawan.

See I told you I went a bit crazy. If someone’s gonna be a dick then it’s a right laugh if you start to confuse them with a bit of weird lingo and stuff. I got this reply back:

Recon_2: i am new to the game tell me how to take it off. ps your a nob.

A bit of a weird message there he asks for help than calls me a nob (a dick to my American readers). Regardless I carried on:

Barmelo: That was the best experience of my life. I am not a nob. Now listen you must, I will teach you the ways of the option menu. Go into my Euro 08 and then settings go to controller settings and there it is. Regards, your friendly neighborhood Barmelo.

Here’s what I got as thanks for my help:

Recon_2: tell me where you live and I will kick your teeth in

Nice. A threat so I thought i’d step it up a little more. As you can see I continued my Star Wars esque ramblings too.

Barmelo: Fighting talk young padawan you must first learn to use your powers wisely. Agression is the path to the dark side. Please he…PLEASE INSERT $10 TO CONTINUE.

The Star Wars chatter continued and got some really well articulated results:

Recon_: You f***ing freak I am at the darkside.

I wonder if the dark side is nice? Well I decided to investigate a little more? Maybe it was a Pink Floyd reference. I tried to find out.

Barmelo: In regards to your previous message I live on Tatooine come find me my name is Yhatzee Yodatov I am a funk/soul legend from Bulgaria. Is this Pink Floyd? Get out of my fridge! Signed, Monkey Tennis Champion 1993 Yhatzee Yodatov.

The Star Wars theme continued (I don’t even like it that much) and I dubbed myself Yhatzee Yodatov (I was playing Euro at the time as Bulgaria everyone is something-tov there). I did address my concerns about Pink Floyd and also decided to  include my old favourite Monkey Tennis in there too. You want to see what he put next? Course ya do!

Recon_2: are you f***ed in the head if so cool.

Now that was just weird. My barrage continues:

Barmelo: Have you learnt the error of your ways young padawan?

He didn’t reply after this but I continued:

Barmelo: Cheese

Cause everyone likes cheese. I end with:

Barmelo: I have taught you all I know young padawan. Game sausage & goodbye. Yodaov out!

It might be E3 week and there might be a lot to do but damn, that was a right laugh.


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