What Games Do You Game? (11.07.08) by Anthony Barlow
July 12, 2008, 12:07 am
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Yeah last week was an early one, this weeks is a late one. I’ve got an amazing array of games to play over the summer and some of ’em have cropped up this week. Most of the regulars are here but there are some new additions. Here goes nothing.

  • Batttlefield: Bad Company (PS3) – Not played too much of the single player yet but have been playing multiplayer pretty much all day and i’ve got to say it’s £29 well spent! Not too much to report as i’ve been playing only a few hours but what i’ve played seems cool if not a tad laggy.
  • Rock Band (PS3)The old favourite has shifted up a little since last week and is still going strong. I still rate it as the best party/multiplayer game on the market even if you have to import (PS3 at least) to play it. The new RHCP tracks came out yesterday and they’re sweet! Picked up those and the Cruefest pack today and they’re really good fun. I’ve been testing the water on the drumming front and i’ve got to say it’s really cool. Will be playing that a lot more now (solo drum tour!).
  • Burnout Paradise (PS3) – The wanderer (or rather, the traded in) returns and with a new patch. Don’t remember why I traded this in it’s so cool. The new custom soundtrack feature is really good plus it looks like they’ve done a lot of additions on other fronts too. Can’t wait for the next upadte hopefully it’ll add trophies!
  • Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (PS3) – Played this for ages last night and with Ad a bit worse for wear (a bit pissed you could say) it was hilarious. Sniping people across the map with Mr. Mister’s ‘Broken Wings’ playing in my headphones was an experience everyone should have. Still the best FPS out there and will probably last longer than Battlefield: Bad Company does.
  • Super Stardust HD (PSN/PS3) – It’s the only trophy supporting game at the moment so I guess it’ll have to do. Still haven’t gotten em all yet but i’m definitely still trying but with all of these other games to play it’ll be a push.
  • Everybody’s Golf: World Tour (PS3) – The premiere golf game on the PS3 in my opinion. Great fun and it murders EA’s Tiger Woods franchise. It might look kiddy but it’s probably one of the best sports games the PS3 has and that’s saying something. I’m progressing through the ‘challenge mode’ to try and get me some stuff before challenging the others online.

    So that’s it for this weeks ‘WGDYG?’. There’s a hell of a lot of games there and with me having ages off now it shouldn’t be hard to find some new additions to the list.

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